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maze and sluggish here and you saw the upper deck this the city so allow extra time if you have a commute. a stalled bus blocking the ramp from northbound 101 to 680. this are flares out. they are still waiting for a tow truck so it could be slow. highway 580 and four are the busy commutes this morning. kristen and eric? >> we start 6:00 with developing news from the abc7 at 11. right knew, oakland police are still surrounding a neighborhood after someone opened fire and wounded an undercover officer. amy joins us live with the search underway. amy? >> this is still in sign of the two men they are looking for. look behind me, the swat team is still engaged in this case with a section of seminary blocked off. you can see the swat vehicle located in the middle of the street. no one is being allowed in or
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out without a police escort. the officers approve who gets in or out. we were overhead when police say an officer was shot at 6:30. he was working undercover vetting another shooting when he was confronted by three armed men. police say he was shot in the arm. they were able to arrest one suspect. the other two suspects got away. police are still looking on them but they need help. >> we want to ask the community to continue to be vigilant. please contact the oakland police department nonemergency number reporting suspicious activists involving two individuals from the area. >> the chief says that investigators do not know if the officer fired his gun in the
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confrontation. the officer was working undercover. they have taught released his name or information about the man who was arrested. right now the focus is on fining the other two men who are likely armed and dangerous. >> thank you very much. another shooting in brentwood sent four teens to the hospital. we were on the scene last night with the victims from the ages of 13 to 16 shot in a drive by outside a house. the winds are serious but not considered life threatening wounds. >> frayed nerves after two homes were raided by robbers at gunpoint in piedmont. three armed men kicked in the front door of a home at 6:30 in the morning threatening residents with weapons and ransacked the property. 30 minutes later while police investigated the first home invasion, a second was carried out near york drive.
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they robbed the residents and fired a shot at a resident of the no one was hurt. the same suspects are believed involved in both attacks. in san francisco, opening statements scheduled in a new federal cocaine fraud trial for former san francisco crime laboratory technician. a judge declare add mistrail in october after the jury could not reach a verdict. the jury agreed that she took cocaine from the laboratory as she admitted to police but they disagreed whether the prosecution proved she did it by means of deaccept. >> supporters of abortion rights gather to mark the anniversary of roe vs. wade that legalized abortion 40 years ago today the hundreds are expected to attend the rally and walk that starts at 11:30 this morning as los altos youth center and another event at san francisco city hall. seven in ten americans believe roe vs. wade should stand. >> in washington, dc, the
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presidential inauguration. president obama and first lady stepped out in the formal wear for two balls to celebrate a second term in office. ♪ i'm so in love with you >> the obamas slow damaged as the commander in chief ball as jennifer hudson serenaded them. all eyes were on the first lady. everyone wanted to know which designer she would be wearing. she stuck to a familiar name american designer jason woo who designed the white one shoulder inauguration gown in 2009. i am sure you remember that, eric. he did not know she would choose it, but sent out this tweet, "hash tag, in shock." >> and another star at the ball tweaked a new hit song "gill --
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"girl on fire." ♪ obama's on fire ♪ obama's on fire ♪ he's walking on fire >> she managed to work the first lady into the song saying she and the president together "run the world." the events are not over at 7:30 our time this morning a national prayer service will take place at the natural cathedral and tonight at 6:00 p.m. abc reports lady gaga will perform at the inaugural ball for the president and his staff. >> does she have a song so fit the obamas? >> you are asking the wrong guy. >> i have to ask you about jazz, right? >> that is right. >> it is now 6:07.
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next on abc7 morning news a live look outside at the san mateo bridge, traffic is moving fine and mike nicco has the full accweather forecast. could showers run? we will check with sue hall in the traffic center. >> crime scene tape surrounds las vegas after a disturbing 9-1-1 call that sent first
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>> welcome back at 6:10. our 24 temperature change, and there are evening exceptions, napa is five degrees cooler, but everyone else is the same if not warmer. that puts us frosty around fairfield at 31 and concord at 32 and everyone else in the upper 30's to low 40's. the next couple of days show showers possible tomorrow. cooler weather on thursday and friday. sue? >> good morning, mike. slow traffic north 101 in san jose beyond julian because of an accident on the shoulder. can you see speeds under 30 miles per hour. north 1121 at highway 116 in sonoma area an accident partly blocking the northbound lane of 121. seminary avenue at east 17th in oakland, ongoing police activity and investigation, asking you stay out of that area in the city of oakland. the bay bridge toll plaza shows
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metering lights on early and backing to the macarthur maze and a new stall block a fast track lane. kristen and eric? >> we will keep an eye on that. authorities in nevada could identify the 20 year police veteran accused of killing his wife and child before taking his life in boulder city 20 miles southeast of las vegas. police responded to a home early in the morning after a man called 9-1-1 and claimed he killed his wife and child. officers found the home on fire and a man at the door with a gun to his head. he later killed himself. no motive is revealed. >> ahead consume reports and 7 on your side look at common complaints of canned food but more fallout following the tragedy in connecticut, a company will though longer offer
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>> santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back. check out the wall of water sitting to the west of us. that is how strong the area of high pressure is which we see the form of high clouds. it has kept of us from 32 inland to 40's, low-to-mid 60's through the afternoon, with filtered sunshine and in the mid-to-upper 40's around 7:00. it will be dry today. rain in the forecast in three minutes. eric? >> it is 6:15. a individual know in new -- volo
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in new zealand is putting on quite a show with activity increasing the past three weeks. experts are concerned the volcano could erupt with little or no warning. it is a popular tourist destination and that could put the tourists in danger. >> walmart is changing supplier policy in response to a fire in bangladesh that killed 100. the "wall street journal" reports they plan on cutting ties with suppliers who subcontract work to fact tries without their knowledge. the policy takes effect march 1. 100 workers died in november after a fire at a fact dry in bangladesh which made collecting if walmart. >> google will announce quarterly earnings and will do so after the markets close at 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. they are expected to report revenue of more than $12 billion >> groupon will if longer offer gun-related discounts, say the
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change is made to "recent customer and merchant feedback" a month after the mass shooting in newtown. some criticize groupon including a texas gun shot owner who says they scrap add deal for a concealed handgun training course. >> health news this morning, numbers show the number of kids diagnosed with attention deficit hyper activity disorder has made a huge jump if the last decade. the study from kaiser permanente in southern california found the cases rose 24 percent from 2001 to 2010, rates rose the most in minority children including a 70 percent jump in african-american children. >> i imagine warm numbers will be going down at some point? >> during the afternoon, absolutely, but conversely the cold numbers during the overnight are coming up so we will make the air mass not so
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expansive with the temperatures. looking from mount tamalpais you can see how nice it is out there and how relatively calm we are right now. you can see some of the high clouds making for a gorgeous sunrise and sunset today. live doppler 7 hd shows the next storm ready to come in this time tomorrow. here we go with the temperatures, we are running in the 30's and 40's. same thing around the monterey bay with a frosty spot inland here and around gilroy. high clouds with filtered sunshine and you can see rainbows or balls that look like rainbows on either sides of the sun. light showers are possible tomorrow and unsettled weather this weekend but not honed in on how much it will rain and where but we will get there. it is unsettled but not a wash
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out. temperatures are eight degrees warmer than average in livermore and san francisco at 64 and 6. 66 in san jose, six degrees warmer than average and napa is five degrees warmer than average. antioch is 62 and concord at 62, but the bay shore and to the coast, mid-60's, at 66 in san jose and oakland the warmer spot, and 69 in monterey and morgan hill and throw mid-60's at the monterey bay, tonight, no frost. 39 in fairfield and low-to-upper 40's elsewhere tomorrow morning. the big area of high pressure is still dominateing our weather with high clouds absolutely, and the jet stream driving the system to us and light showers, originally looked like it would stay in the north bay and now all of us get a chance of light showers, so the clouds keep us frost free tonight and as we head to noon you will see the showers developing and they hang
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around for the better part of the afternoon early evening and they retreat up to the north during the overnight hours. that is it. scattered, light showers, with written fall amounts around .1" in east bay and quarter to half an inch for the rest of us with temperatures coming down to 50's and 60's thursday and friday. >> we had a stall blocking the fast track lane backing up on the bridge to the macarthur maze and sluggish into the city. bart is a great alternate. and muni and caltrain, all mass transit running on schedule. become to san jose, we still have the stalled bus that has been there over an hour, north 101 the ramp northbound 680 had are flares blocking the lane of traffic and the bus is in the right lane. northbound 101 beyond julian, an
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accident on the shoulder so it is slow and north 121 in sonoma area we have an accident with an incident blocking the northbound, one of the northbound lanes so you may have slow traffic there. kristen and eric? >> it is 6:20. tonight, the oakland city council meeting could be heated with large crowds expected. >> but, first, canned food complaints. 7 on your side and our partners at "consumer reports" investigate to see if you are getting what
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>> this morning we have a lot of high clouds in the morning hours at 32 to 51. a lot of temperatures between our inland areas and to the coast. this afternoon we are in the low-to-upper 60's and mid-50's or mid-40's and possibly mid-50's in the evening. radar is quiet. if you drive around we will have 50 in tahoe and 58 in yosemite and 80's if los -- in los angels and palm springs. >> canned foods, do you get what you pay for? >> we investigate a common complaint that comes with the products. >> good morning, everyone. i know as a careful shopper you try to get the most for your money. when you get home and open asked
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food it can be disappointing to find lots of liquid. we have received a bunch of complaints about this issue. >> supermarkets have shelf after shelf lined with canned goods and people love the convenience. but something bugs them. >> too many things have too much liquid. >> way for the extra water? i am getting more water than beans. >> consumer reports received a lot of complaints about too much liquid in cans. >> common misconception is the wait on the can is the weight of the food. it is not. that weight includes liquid in the k. >> to know how much liquid is in the cans consumer reports carefully drained and weighed the contents 63 cans, including vegetables, chicken and fruit. >> how much food are you getting? the cans we looked at average between 52 percent and 66
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percent food. the rest went down the drain. >> consume reports combed through the government regulations and found each can tested met the guidelines. >> manufacturer defend using water. general mills which packages green giant, say it keeps the freshness of the product. >> companies trying to address consumer concerns. chicken of the sea has tun that said no drain just a little water. green giant has vacuum packed corn that holds the same amount of corn as the regular can with a lot less water. sometimes companies do fail to meet federal standards for the amount of food in the cans. last summer, bumblebee and chicken of the sea agreed to pay $3 million to settle complaints they put less tuna in the cans than required by law. >> still ahead at 6:30, a top state lawmaker jumps into the
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fight to keep the sacramento kings from moving to seattle. >> will the oakland city council meeting be a repeat the meeting a week ago? the recent protesters say they will be out in force. >> live from san francisco, two weeks after an oil tanker hit the bay bridge crews are ready to begin the repair work today. >> good morning, sue, in the abc7 traffic center a look at bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights were on early before 6:00 because of an early accident before treasure island with a stall and that adds up to a big backup. it is sluggish. we have a new report of an accident on the peninsula. we will check that and the rest of the tuesday morning commute ñsñs, gs customer satisfaction is at 97%.
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mmm, tasty. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya, please?
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>> live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good tuesday morning at 6:29. we will look outside, the sun is not out yet, but it will be a warmer morning but a cooler afternoon. and mike nicco will fill you in on showers coming our way. there is a lot of interesting stuff going on. >> i have been assured by mike nicco that the sun will rise in the east. here is the forecast. >> good odds on that. that is a better forecast. good morning, everyone, live doppler 7 hd is dry right now with more moisture in the air. the frost is very few and far between as far as the aerial coverage. frost free around the bay area. 36 to 42 with high clouds and sunshine and high clouds are thicker in the afternoon and democrats near 60 at noon and
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low-to-mid 60's by 4:00 and mild this evening and low-to-mid 50's and inland we we have frost, enough to make a small snowball inland where we have a few frosty spots. filtered sunshine and near 60 at noon and low-to-mid 60's with high clouds at 4:00. at the beach we are starting mild, thicker high clouds and low-to-mid 40's and mid-to-upper 50's by noon with mickey sunshine and calmer waves and temperatures in the 60's by afternoon. >> new accident we mention add couple of minutes ago, north 101 , and near peninsula, with slowing near the accident moving northbound through san mateo. northbound 101 beyond julian,
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that accident is slow, and busy on the san mateo bridge moving to hayward and the foster city side of things and eastbound direction is moving nicely. that is the reverse commute. san rafael, south 101 getting busy into central randy bhirdo, central san rafael, and no delays. >> repairs on the bay bridge bumper damaged in oil tanker crash this month and katie joins us live from san francisco with what we can expect. >> it will be interesting do see what they bring in and how this looks this morning when things underway and we can maybe it out. this is the eastern most tower of the western span of the bay bridge so the sky is getting lighter and you know where we are talking about, the fender or bumper around the bottom that is supposed to protect it. it is hard to access.
6:31 am
that is why the specialized equipment and the specialized equipment is why it is so expensive, the metropolitan transportation committee and mtc says they are looking at two or three million dollars in repair. the materials they use will include steel and recycled plastic and the timeframe here is about 4 1/2 months. the tower was not damaged when the oil tanker sideswiped it on monday the 7th. the tanker was still sea worthy and allowed to leave the bay area on the 11th after it was fully inspected by the coast guard and other bodies would made sure they had the information they needed. the ntsb is investigating: agency says it could take 18 months before we know if man or machine was to blame for the accident. funds that are in preserve will be used to pay the $2 million or
6:32 am
$3 million but they will seek reimbursement from the owner of the tanker. live in san francisco for abc7 news. >> thank you, katie. city leaders expect a big town out in oakland when the city considers bringing on a controversial police consultant, william bratton, former chief of los angeles and new york city will be consulted to reduce problems in oak. but tempers flared over possible available filing because he favored "stop and frisk" where police can stop anyone they think is suspicious. the oakland city council will take up the meeting tonight. >> in san francisco the use of tasers is the focus of a community meeting. right now the san francisco police department is the only agency in the bay area that does not use stun guns. the chief wants do launch a
6:33 am
pilot program to he quinn -- to equip officers with tasers. >> the governor's proposed education will be discussed for education for $371 million for the university california and the plan to allocate $10 million for online solutions to help students pass high demand courses were the board tables fees that would affect senior whose register for a heavy course loads and student whose repeat courses. the person low park city council will constitute another facebook expansion, on to a 22 acre piece of property across the street from the current location on willow road, and the new campus is worth $1.5 million to the city for everything from traffic improvement and maintenance to education and training.
6:34 am
the through facility would employ 2,800 people. officials of menlo park will take up the plan at 5:30. now the hostages crisis in north africa. we have an exclusive interview with the wife of an american who flare ohly escaped death, 74 days of terror from inside, recorded by a hostage and broadcast by am general -- algerian tv. 38 of the men were executed or killed in the rescue families. three were american. one american got out, a husband told his wife of the story. >> he was hiding for 2 1/2 days, two or three feet of some of the terrorists at times and some of his friends did not make it. a couple of time he said he truly in the he was going to die. >> you can hear more of the interview on "good morning
6:35 am
america" at 7:00 a.m. >> president obama has a few more obligations to complete today before getting down to business. he and vice president biden are attending a prayer service at the national cathedral this morning and this is the live look at the cathedral where people are filing in before the event is started. last night the president and first lady took to the dance floor at one of several inaugural balls. ♪ happy or sad >> plenty of challenges face obama in the first days of the second term. he will deal with three fiscal deadlines including raising the debt ceiling, which the house expected to vote on tomorrow. in the inaugural address, he made history as the first president to mention the word "gay" and "gay rights." >> if we are truly created equal surely the love we commit to one another mutt be -- must be equal, as well. >> there will be one more party tonight, the obamas and friends
6:36 am
celebrate with campaign and white house staffers at inaugural ball where supposedly lady gaga is performing. >> the president is sworn in on two bibles one from martin luther king and the other from abraham lincoln. traffic and weather, together, next on the abc7 morning news. here is the golden gate bridge, dry as a bone. but maybe, maybe, maybe there is rain in the forecast. >> and a deal to sell sacramento kings so they can move to seattle. the ripple effect that
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>> welcome back, almost everyone is just a bit warmer than yesterday so we do not have as frost. 32 at concord and fairfield is 31. upper 30's around the bay to 40 in oak and 47 in san francisco. this afternoon, low-to-mid 60's with filtered sunshine because of the high clouds. we have scattered light showers in the forecast tomorrow. cooler temperatures but dry for thursday and friday. sue? >> back to the san mateo area, c.h.p. is confirming to us there are two separate accidents, northbound 101, that accident is in the last lane. and another accident at peninsula, in the right lane. you can see by the app, it is very slow northbound direction because of the multiple accidents in the northbound direction. we are seeing slowing, now, all the way from 92 interchange northbound to beyond peninsula avenue. so, take extra care here and you may want to take 280 if you are
6:40 am
headed in the northbound direction and you can navigate your commute by downloading the flow app at apple app and google play with slow traffic from the central valley around 20 miles per hour for the speeds and over the altamont pass it is slow through livermore and it picks up in dublin/pleasanton. still, almost 40 minutes from the amount pass to pleasanton. >> thank you very much at 6:41. the fight to keep the kings in sacramento is taking a political turn. a letter made public this morning from state senate president raises questions about microsoft's involvement in the purchase of the team. the c.e.o. is part of a group trying to bring the group to seattle and is troubled mike motorcycle is interested in moving the team from california while enjoying a prosperous working relationship with the state. he has written state budget foils to look into the contracts with microsoft. >> we are continuing to follow developing news from oakland.
6:41 am
the officer shot last night and the ongoing investigation taking place right now. >> trading is underway on wall street. the big board shows the dow down about 12 points. we will go live to bloomberg at
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>> santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning, 6:45 on tuesday. we have a lot of cloud cover in the upper levels so we do not have as much frost. cloudy and mild this afternoon with mid-40's to mid-50's. as far as radar across the state, it is dry again. it looks like it will remain that way headed into the
6:44 am
afternoon. we will be in the low 60's around sacramento and tahoe at 58, and same for yosemite and palm spring will be at 80 degrees. >> and now what coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m.? >> coming up a story igniting a lost controversy, meet the three-year-old who is joining the family business early wrangling crack -- crocodiles. is this safe for a toddler? that is on "good morning america" in 15 minutes. >> oak police chief will update us on the shooting that wounded an undercover officer. abc7 news reporter joins us live with the search still taking place for the two suspects. amy? >> the swat team is refusing to
6:45 am
give up. check out the scene behind us. they are still here, still add it, trying to fine evidence that will lead them to the two men who they suspect are armed and dangerous. look at the scene from last night. this shooting happened at 6:30. an undercover officer was working on seminary near 17th. he was investigating another shooting when the police chief says he was shot. >> during the course of the follow-up, he was confronted by three armed and very dangerous individuals. during the confrontation the officer was shot in the arm. the officer suffered a non-life threatening injury. he is expected to have a full recovery. >> police say they did arrest one person but are looking for two others who they do believe are armed. this neighborhood is just east
6:46 am
of the colisieum and it has been on lockdown throughout the night. they are starting to ease up on it as people wake up and need to get on about the day and letting people in and out of the here with the police escort. they are still in there and they have proposed off this street still looking for evidence. hopefully they will have an update for us at the press conference at 9:30 this morning. live in oakland for abc7 news. >> it is 6:47. san francisco's unemployment rate could predict the winner of this year's super bowl? hundred more jobs headed outside the bay area. if more we go to jane king live from the new york stock exchange who will finish with her choice if the champion of the super bowl. >> i just like to see the harbaughs. it is a great story. amazon announcing what you have been reporting, they will open a new center in tray city, the third in california.
6:47 am
the fulfillment center jobs are 30 percent higher paying than other retail jobs and california workers are good compared to those in other states. california ranks eighth in terms pay gains between 2001 and 2011. big week for tech: google reports after the close of trading today along with ibm, there is how the shares trade ahead of the earnings. and apple could have a tough week. analysts forecast they could post the first profit drop in a decade tomorrow with a report. shares are higher this morning. the dow and s&p 500 and nasdaq sightly lower on the day and silicon valley index is trading unchanged at the moment. who do you think will win the have been? the team from the city with the lower unemployment has one 20 of the last 25. san francisco had a lower unemployment rate than
6:48 am
cincinnati in 1989, he we are then denver in 1990 and lower than san diego in 1995 and won all of them. baltimore's rate is 7.2 percent compared to 8 percent in san francisco. new york's unemployment was higher and they won, so, still hope for the 49ers. live from the new york stock exchange. >> hope for the 49ers in this case? we are going do win. >> we will win! >> right now we have a live picture of the national cathedral in washington, dc. president obama and the first lady and vice president biden and his wife will awry shortly with their families to attend a prayer service here this morning and this is one of last inaugural events. yesterday, it me began with a ball but, today, this is a prayer service.
6:49 am
this is 106-year-old episcopal church that has hosted inaugural services and important site hosting funerals for former presidents, as well. >> back in the bay area, we will look at our forecast. >> shall we tell them about twitter? a guy in kansas city has been tweeting us about the 49ers and i said when is the last time the kansas city chiefs won who was playing? starting quaterback was joe montana, starting running back was...form former raider marcus allen. so that was fund. we are having fun with the super bowl. it is great to have your team in the super bowl. you have bragging rights across the country. this. on, we are looking at from the camera in the hills looking down on emeryville, the bay, over to san francisco, a gorgeous start.
6:50 am
live doppler 7 hd shows the day could be the last day we do not need rain gear. we have rain in the forecast tomorrow. frosty inland, santa rosa and fairfield and concord 31 to 32 and livermore close to 34. redwood city at 37, and san francisco at 47. frosty 31 in gilroy. today, high clouds, the last mild day and light showers for all of us tomorrow, and possibility of wet weather this weekend and cooler temperatures. above average today, with highs eight degrees warmer than average in livermore and oakland and san francisco and napa at five, low-to-mid 60's everywhere with thicker and higher clouds than yesterday afternoon. monterey bay is upper 60's to
6:51 am
low 70's around the bay and headed inland. tonight, low-to-upper 40's but fairfield is at 39 degrees. we have a front that will come in tomorrow. you can see the wall of water to the west. so we will have high clouds today starting at noon we will have scattered light showers that will spread dug the afternoon and early evening and .1" is possible and up to .5" on the coast and temperature in the 50's for the weekend with scattered chance of a shower then. >> the rest spot this morning is semi-i-- is san mateo with two separate incidents 100 in the right lane and one in the left lane. and over 30 minutes ago the major accident was reported and you can see the backup beyond 92, now, as you move from
6:52 am
northbound on the pens there so 280 is the great alternate. you can download this agree app from apple app and google play and c.h.p. is saying the stalled bus is still blocking the ramp northbound 680 great north 101 with very slow traffic from south san jose coming up on 101. kristen and eric? >> thank you, sue. ahead, five things to know before you
6:53 am
>> as we are ready to hand it off to "good morning america" here are five things to know before you go. number one, developing news from oakland police continue the search if two men accused of shooting an undercover officer in the am last night. he will recover. one is if custody. oakland police are holding a news conference at 9:30 this morning. >> two, a packed house expected in oakland for the city council meeting expecting to vote on
6:54 am
bringing in former los angeles and new york police chief bratton to consult for the police department. a previous meeting had many voicing concern of his controversial methods. >> three, repair work is set to begin on the bay bridge tower butcher damaged by a tanker. crews will replace fender sections on the bumper. it is expected to take 4 1/2 months to finish and cost up to $3 million. four, two events do mark the 40th anniversary of roe vs. wade, supreme court decision that legalized abortion. a rally starts at 11:30 at youth center in lows -- los altos and lady gaga will perform if president obama and the staffers at the private party for the president's team. the president will take part in a national prayer service that is starting shortly this
6:55 am
morning. >> the secret service will not let little monsters in. mike? >> dress if cool temperatures inland with frosty areas in the north bay and east bay but this is the last day, though, with upper 30's to low 40's around the bay show and san francisco at 47. this afternoon, we have high clouds and sunshine and clouds are thicker than yesterday, and low-to-mid 60's headed to the coast and the bay mid-to-upper 60's and inland we have low-to-mid 60's. enjoy the warmth. it will not last. >> the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights were turn on early, we had a couple of incidents with word of a new stall at the toll plaza, and you can see the fast track and car pool lanes getting by, and a grind at 101 northbound. two separate accidents in this area, and traffic is backed in the northbound direction. >> see you at "good morning
6:56 am
america" next. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc.
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good morning, america. breaking now, a deadly winter blast, affecting one-third of the country, with dangerous
6:59 am
temperatures, snow, and ice. hundreds of cars piled up, closing midwest interstates, high winds and whiteouts. michigan's silverdome collapsing from all the snow. together. together. together. together. >> the president's call for unity in his historic speech. his rallying cry, demanding action. cameras rolling last night for the first inaugural dance. michelle obama, radiant in red. the two-time designer behind her stunning dress says, he's in shock this morning. ♪ you make and this stunning moment caught on tape. the high school wrestler about to start his match, only to have this happen. an 80-pound light plunges from the ceiling, pinning him on the floor. he is okay. and we're going to talk to him live this morning. ♪ highway to the danger zone and the very first pictures of prince harry fighting in the war zone. hours of unprecedented tape released, showing the top gun prince opening up on the front lines. what really happened in vegas. an

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